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Mahris Baft factory complex (under the brand name of Mahris Carpets) first started operating under the name of Mazandaran Carpets in 1354, after moving the location and carrying out reforms in the structure of the factory and employing expert forces and modern devices in 1372 under the name of the complex Mahris Baft factories continued its activity and was able to create a special transformation in the machine carpet industry.

This production complex located in Mahdasht Karaj with an area of 33000 square meters during this period with more than 50 representatives throughout Iran and continuous export to Afghanistan, Iraq and Tajikistan, is one of the most successful and prominent carpet manufacturing companies. A car has been in Iran.

The carpets produced by this company are 100% acrylic and are one of the best types of fibers in the world (Bayer, Germany) in various colors and designs. This production complex is equipped with the latest and most advanced CRP, HCPX2, HCI weaving machines for machine carpet weaving with a monthly capacity of 60,000 square meters of carpet and is proud to receive a standard certificate from the Iranian Standard and Industrial Research Unit and also receive four international standard certificates. He came from Spain and is a member of the Iranian Textile Industry Association.

This collection has also been able to create a strong design unit in terms of idea generation and presentation of different designs, creating a different style in the field of carpets and completely improving its position in the Iranian machine-made carpet industry compared to other competitors. Currently, this collection has played a role in serving the society of Iran and the citizens of Iran, the hands of all the activists in this field, with the round-the-clock and non-stop efforts of caring managers and industrialists in order to provide valuable services with the best designs and optimal quality. He squeezes warmly.

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