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The effect of carpet packaging on movement

The effect of carpet packaging on the movement and health of the machine carpet is one of the important points that should be paid attention to.

Carpet is one of the most important items in the home, which contributes a lot to the beauty and appearance of the home, and its effect on home decoration cannot be denied.

From the past to the present, the carpet has kept its important role and no house is decorated without a carpet.

For this reason, the principles of carpet maintenance and packaging are among the points that must be paid attention to in order to guarantee the health and quality of the carpet and to prevent the deterioration and loss of the carpet fibers.

Therefore, attention to the principles of carpet maintenance and safety principles for carpet packaging are among the points that should be given special attention.

The effect of carpet packaging on movement:

Today, with the advancement of the machines in the carpet weaving industry, the variety of colors and designs in machine-made carpets has increased, and the use of machine-made carpets in today’s homes is experiencing a growing trend.

So, maintenance of machine carpet is very important.

In the following, we will mention the most effective tips for maintaining the carpet as well as possible:

When packing the carpet for moving or moving, we must follow the correct packing procedures so that we don’t have to worry about the health of the carpets. Before packing, be sure to clean the carpet and vacuum it because the presence of dust, hair, bad smell and all kinds of dirt on the carpet has a negative effect on the life of the carpet.

So first we clean the carpet and if possible expose the carpet to sunlight for a few hours.

Another important point is carpet sleep, which should not be neglected because all carpets have sleep and you must determine the carpet sleep when packing them. By touching the carpet and moving your hand around, you can recognize the sleep of the carpet.

At this stage, the carpet should be packed in a roll.

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