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The best ways to protect carpet roots

Protecting the roots of the carpet is one of the basic points, and if they are not well taken care of, they will rot and tear sooner and be exposed to pollution. Carpet is one of the most important decorative components of the home, and due to the high cost of carpets, taking care of them is more important than before.

About the root of the carpet, we must say that it is the most end part of the carpet, which is in the form of white or cream colored threads. The roots of carpets have different shapes such as simple, knotted, chain and lace roots. It doesn’t matter what the shape of the root is because it is very important to protect it in any case. The roots are not only beautiful and decorative, but they are one of the main pillars of the carpet and due to movement, they take on an irregular shape.

Important reasons to protect the roots of carpets:

1- Maintenance and protection of the carpet root prevents damage to other parts of the carpet.

2- Protecting and maintaining the roots causes less dirt on the carpet.

3- Prevents damage and displacement of carpet roots.

4- By protecting and maintaining the carpet’s roots, the price of the carpet does not change and maintains its value.

5- It makes the roots maintain their original shape and do not get disordered.

Methods of maintaining carpet roots

Protecting the roots of the carpet with wide glue : You have definitely seen this in the homes of friends and acquaintances. This method is fundamentally wrong and may take care of the roots in appearance, but it causes more problems for the roots.

One of these problems is that over time and more traffic, the adhesives no longer have the adhesive strength and must be changed regularly, and this continuous replacement of adhesives causes the carpet’s roots to weaken and peel off over time. Also, the adhesive effect does not disappear easily. Various chemicals are used in making glue and it causes serious damage to the roots of the carpet in the long run.

Knotting the roots of the carpet: This is one of the best ways. But you should pay attention to postpone doing this until you have just bought the carpet. Knotting causes the roots not to be damaged and the roots not to loosen when sweeping. This work is a bit specialized and should be done in the right way and don’t forget to entrust this work to a carpet specialist.

There are three methods of tying a carpet, which are:

1- Pea knot :In this method, the roots need to be longer than usual to be able to use this type of knot.

2- Chain knot :This model of knotting has more fans in terms of beauty and the root of the carpet should be a little long and it is not used for short roots.

3- Different : This method strengthens the roots. In this method, it is necessary to continue tying until the end of the root, which guarantees the strength of the root.

Use of root cover for more strength: This method is one of the things that can be done to maintain the roots. Glue and chemicals are not used in making these special covers, and these covers are easily fixed on the carpet and are safe from mess and pollution.

Due to the overall protection of the root, the root cover also prevents it from rotting because it allows free air to pass. For better results in this method, it is better to replace these covers with new ones every year. Of course, when buying a cover, you should also pay attention to its material. Also, these covers have a reasonable price and you can buy them from stores and carpet dealers. These covers also have standard sizes.

Covers with different types are available in the market, which include:

Lace cover : This cover is the best type of cover in the market. Due to the mesh, it causes free air flow and prevents moisture and pollution.

Plastic cover : This model has two types with adhesive and non-adhesive, and it is better to get the non-adhesive version. .

Fabric cover : This model has received less acceptance due to the variety of colors.

What are the benefits of using a root cover?
  • Creating a neat and beautiful effect
  • Keeping the roots healthy and clean
  • Extending the life of carpet roots
  • Savings on root repair costs
What are the disadvantages of using a root cover?
  • Rotting of the roots due to not changing the plastic covers on time
  • Plastic covers

Embroidery envelope :One of the conventional methods of preserving the root of the wrap is embroidery, which has been the focus of the carpet industry in Iran since long ago. The material of the wrappers is also cotton or linen. In this method, first the roots are folded regularly and placed inside cloths made of cotton or linen. Then they connect the fabric to the beginning of the carpet from the sides. In this method, chemical and physical problems are prevented from entering the carpet roots.

One of the advantages of this method is the cleanliness of the carpet root and its visual beauty and cost-effectiveness.

Among the disadvantages of this method, we can mention that the root of the carpet is hidden and the creation of mismatched parts on both sides of the carpet.

You must pay attention to these points that a series of cases seriously damage the roots and texture of the carpet and cause irreparable damage. Among the factors that cause these injuries, we can mention wetness and humidity, burns and tears, use of glue and improper washing.

Wash the carpet roots once in a while to increase the life and beauty of the roots as much as possible. If the roots have problems, take the necessary measures to repair them as soon as possible.

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