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Productions of Mahris Baft factories:

The carpets produced by Mahris Baft have many varieties and are divided into the following categories:

  • Carpets of ten colors, 1000 combs, density 3000, in cream, chocolate, blue, dark brown colors.
  • Carpets of ten colors, 700 combs, density 2550, in cream, walnut, blue, beige, dark brown colors.
  • Eight color carpets, 700 combs, density 2550, in cream, walnut, beige, dark brown colors.
  • Eight color carpets 1200 comb density 3600 in gray, silver, cream, navy, smoky, elephant colors.
  • Fancy carpets (Shanel)
  • Vintage carpets

A symbol of elegance and beauty

Mahris Baft company offers its products in Tehran and all cities with more than fifty representatives throughout Iran.

This collection has been able to create a different style in the field of carpets by creating a strong design unit in terms of ideas and presenting different designs.

We assure you that every time you make a purchase, Mahris carpet dealers are located near you.


It is a good feeling of life

Machine-made carpet is a synthetic type of carpet that is woven by industrial machines, unlike hand-woven carpet, and one of the advantages of machine-made carpet is that it is easier to implement, has a better pattern, and has better artistic and personal images on it.

Machine-made carpets are produced by different machines, and the material of each carpet can be acrylic or BCF and a mixture of these two or new artificial silk fibers (polyester).

It should be noted that 100% acrylic carpets have a higher quality and price, but synthetic silk carpets have found their own unique market in the large carpet market due to the lack of fluff and easy washing and stability in high gloss.

Farsh Mahris is a design of life in your home

Mahris Baft company is one of the best and most famous industrial units in Alborz city, which is able to produce all kinds of carpets in different designs and materials due to its advanced machines and equipment and The quality is very high.

The products of this large collection, while elegant, have high resistance and durability against knocking, heat and washing, and there is no change in the carpet due to washing and consumption.

Mahris Carpet

A symbol of elegance and beauty

Give your home a unique design with Mahris carpet.

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