Baby Carpet

The best choice for children’s room carpet

Choosing a carpet for a child’s room is one of the most basic choices for decorating her room.

A suitable carpet for a child’s room is one of the concerns of parents. A child’s carpet is the main complement and designer to a child’s room and completes the decoration of the room and has a great impact on the child’s mental health.

With a little patience and creativity, you can choose the best carpet for your beloved child. In choosing a child’s carpet, in addition to the pattern and color, other aspects such as the size, material, and thread used in the carpet are also important and should be given special attention. A child’s room needs more special decoration compared to other rooms in the house, and it is not only for the child to sleep and rest, but playing, reading, watching movies are also other activities that your child does during the day, so he feels calm and Convenience is the main pillar of choosing a carpet for a child’s room.

Choosing a baby carpet based on gender:

The softness and quality of the carpet are important points that have a great impact on the child’s health. The types of fibers used in carpets are divided into two main categories: natural fibers and synthetic fibers. In natural fibers, wool and linen are used in carpet texture, and in artificial fibers, polyester and polypropylene are used in carpet texture. Carpets with synthetic propylene fibers have high durability and are more resistant to stains and dirt than other types of fibers. If your child’s skin is sensitive and your child has allergies, you should be more careful about the fibers used in the carpet. Try to prepare a carpet with medium thickness because this medium thickness prevents the cold from entering the child’s body from the floor and prevents the child from getting sick. You should choose a carpet that uses an anti-allergic formula in its production and the texture of the carpet is made of heated threads.

Also, another important point is that the carpet is completely washable and does not get damaged by washing too much, and even during washing, the different colors of the carpet are not mixed with each other so that the appearance of the carpet is not lost. The chosen carpet for your beloved child’s room should not have a coarse texture and coarse material. The softer the child’s carpet is, the better it is for the child’s thin and sensitive skin, because the child is busy playing in his room, and the softer the carpet, the more comfort it brings to the child. brought In addition, the more elegant the carpet, the better. Currently, long-pile carpets for children’s rooms are on the market, but despite their beauty, these carpets are not suitable for children’s rooms, because they may get stuck between the delicate fingers of the child and cause the child to fall, and also because of the long pile, they are dirty and round. More dirt remains between the bristles and causes the child to get sick.

Choosing a baby carpet based on color:

Definitely, in choosing a carpet for a child, the use of bright colors is very important and special attention should be paid to it. Some parents choose dark carpets for the child’s room because they are worried about it getting dirty constantly, but they should also pay attention to the fact that bright and happy colors are better for the child’s mood. Paying attention to the color theme of the room in choosing the color of the carpet is also a point to consider that should not be ignored. You can set different color themes for your child’s room and enjoy the color combination created in the room. Therefore, attention should be paid to other components of the room, such as the color of the walls, the color of the closet, curtains and sheets, and even the bedding of the child’s room. Another important point is that you should not ignore the child’s gender in choosing the color of the carpet, because the carpet for the girl’s and boy’s room is different in terms of color and design, and although it does not follow the general rule, but cold colors for boys and colors Warm ones are more suitable for girls.

So you should pay attention to the harmony of colors and consider the compatibility of colors with each other. One of the advantages of choosing a light color for the room is to make the room appear bigger and create a stylish and minimalistic decor, and its disadvantages are to get dirty sooner and to see stains and dust on the carpet and make the room look dark. .

Choosing a baby carpet based on the design:

The general rule that governs the arrangement of the house or any decoration is that there should be a balance in the design and color. For example, if the curtain in your child’s room has a pattern, you should use simple carpets without patterns to create balance, or if the wall paper or the color of the room is simple and monochromatic, various designs can be used for the child’s room. In general, doll and fantasy or cartoon designs are used in choosing children’s carpets.

Choosing a baby carpet based on shape:

Basically, there are different types of children’s carpets in the market. Some are circular and some are rectangular or oval and some are doll shaped and cut into the shape of the carpet itself. Here, the decoration of the children’s room is more effective in the type of carpet design. The greater the variety of shapes in the carpet, the more attractive it is for the child and even strengthens the child’s memory. Choosing a carpet design also depends on the size of the child’s room and its location, but basically, like other carpets, children’s carpets have different sizes, designs, and colors.

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