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National Carpet Museum of Iran

موزه ملی فرش ایران

National Carpet Museum of Iran

Iran’s National Carpet Museum is one of the best museums in Iran, where there are exquisite works of beautiful carpets and rugs from ancient times.

Have you ever wondered why Iran is known for its unique carpets with attractive designs and colors?

The answer to this question is definitely directly related to the history of Iran in the past centuries and in different periods of time. As you know, the carpets and rugs of our beloved country Iran have had a unique value and beauty and very high quality in the world. Even now, Iranian carpets are used to decorate special places in the world, such as luxurious and royal palaces.

The National Carpet Museum of Iran is a symbol of Iran’s ups and downs history. One of the attractions of Tehran is the National Carpet Museum of Iran. Visiting this museum is a must for those interested in authentic carpets and the art of carpet weaving.

This valuable collection shows us a great treasure of Iranian art related to the culture of different ethnic groups of Iran. The remarkable thing about this museum is that the museum itself looks like a carpet. Also, each of the carpets in this museum has special signs.

This museum has been welcoming dear visitors since 1358 in Tehran and has two floors to display this rare art. As you know, carpet has been an original art for Iranians and it has high honor and closeness. The architecture of this museum is the work of Mr. Abdulaziz Mirza Farmanfarmaian.

One of the most influential people who brought the carpet industry to Iran is Korosh Kabir. Many history experts attribute this industry to Cyrus the Great. It is interesting to know that Farah Pahlavi suggested the construction of this museum. After his order, it was opened and reopened by Farah Pahlavi himself in 1356.

At first, there were a small number of Iranian carpets in this museum, and over time, the number of carpets in this museum increased. Also, the main goal of establishing the National Carpet Museum of Iran is to develop the art of carpet weaving.

“Important works in the National Carpet Museum of Iran”

In this museum, all kinds of authentic Iranian hand-woven rugs and carpets with high quality and age and features such as wonderful designs and patterns, various colors and textures are observed and kept in this place.

This collection includes the most valuable Iranian carpets from the 9th century until now.

This museum has two parts, the permanent museum and the exhibition, where the unique works mentioned below are located.

1- Mirza Khokhk Khan Jungali rug : This carpet is woven by Kashan artists. Its approximate size is 130 x 220 cm. In this rug, the person of Mirza Kochuk Khan Jani can be seen in a military uniform. In the sun above the image, an inscription with the words “molamamoud Factory” can be seen. This issue makes it possible that the weaving date of this carpet is related to the last years of Qajar.

2- The carpet of Jesus and the apostles : This carpet is one of the most valuable examples of this museum, where Jesus Christ can be seen in golden color with three apostles.

3- Baisanghar carpet : This rug belongs to the Baisangri period of Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh. This carpet was woven by Iranian artists in the carpet weaving workshop of Master Mousavi. This carpet shows the rich Iranian literature and culture.

4- Herati pattern rug or Mahi Dharam : اThis rug is also one of the most unique rugs in this collection that has a fish design. This carpet belongs to the Mehr worship period in Iran. Because before Zoroaster became the prophet of Iranians, love worship was prevalent in Iran. It was also guided by the four months and this rug shows the same thing.

5- Torang carpet : This carpet is from the 14th century. This carpet is woven with cotton and wool. In addition, it is one of the exquisite carpets of this collection.

Safiuddin Ardabili’s carpet and seven panels of animal carpets and Polish carpets are also rare works of this collection. This carpet was woven in the 17th century by order of a Polish prince.

“Address and visiting hours of the National Carpet Museum of Iran”

The National Carpet Museum of Iran is located in the northwestern side of Laleh Park. The area of this museum is 12 thousand meters. You can visit this museum every day (except public holidays) from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm to see this art.

In the end, we must point out that Iran, this border and landscape of culture and art, has a high reputation all over the world, and one of these arts is carpet.

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